"The deeper you go within, the
more beautiful you will find
yourself to be."

"I will believe the truth about
myself, no matter how
beautiful it is."
Velma Frye


Journeys Within
Reconnect to self, each other and nature
(Our website is still under construction)

What's Happening at Mountain Spirit:
Cha Dao Ceremony - The Way of Tea
Wed, 29th of March 2017

We're an off-the-grid organic retreat, near Wanaka, New Zealand. We host invidividuals, families, and groups. Get away for a weekend and relax, or join in one of our programs in the beautiful Southern Alps.

We're a cross between an experiential wilderness program and a holistic learning centre, with elements of both experiential ed and spiritual development.

We provide the space and support for you to go an adventurous journey within:

  • Mindfulness in the Mountains
  • Nordic Nirvana
  • The Journey Within
  • Open Hearted Listening for Couples
  • Healing after Loss
  • Solo
  • Peru Cultural Immersion

Come Join Us! Reconnect! Delve into the inner and outer landscapes.

Participants on our programs have a greater appreciation and understanding of their own resources, of other individuals around them, and a better sense of their place in the natural world.

Self reliance, compassion, service, centeredness, wellness and interpersonal community-building, as well as caring for, and understanding of the natural environment, are all hallmarks of our mission.

You'll come away with
an increased sense of joy and peace.